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Etihad A380 First Apartment – Flight EY 460 Abu Dhabi-AUH to Melbourne-MEL – Part 2

Etihad A380 First Apartment – Flight EY 460 Abu Dhabi-AUH to Melbourne-MEL – Part 2

by jeffreyJanuary 11, 2018
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This post is continued from Etihad A380 First Apartment – Flight EY 460 Abu Dhabi-AUH to Melbourne-MEL – Part 1. Check it out to see the first half of the review.


Proving size was really the theme of the experience, even the bathroom was huge:

I took a quick glimpse of the stairs, just to confirm that we were, in fact, on the 2nd floor:


Before turning in for the night, we walked around the cabin to explore the on-board bar.

The bar is situated on the top deck of the A380 aircraft, in-between First and Business class:

It was completely empty when we made our way over.

We were a bit dismayed to find that the bar wasn’t stocked as it normally is due to Ramadan, but you can certainly lounge in the area. A flight attendant came over and said that she’d be happy to discreetly make us a drink of our choice in the galley and then bring it in.

The bone-dry bar

The sitting/lounging area was very nice and had seating for 6. We took a few pictures and then headed back to our seats for bed.


Having had plenty of food and drinks for one day, we decided it was time to catch a few zzzzs. The flight attendant swiftly converted the suite to sleeping mode while we got ready for bed in the bathroom.

We returned to find the sofa portion of the seat folded down and nicely made up with comfortable sheets and pillows. One of the coolest parts is that, if the divider between the apartments is lowered, our beds were basically touching, so we had the illusion of sleeping in the same bed, which is a nice option if you’re traveling together.

While in the bathroom, we took the opportunity to change into the provided pajamas which was the perfect decision before hopping into the lavish bed.

Pajama time!

The bed is huge and is advertised as 6 feet 10 inches long!


About 3.5 hours before departure, the flight attendants realized that I was awake and came by to announce that I could have a shower whenever I wanted. I let her know soon after and she set off to prepare it. If one is offered the opportunity to shower at 6+ miles high in the sky, there is no choice but to take advantage.

The shower area was loaded down with Bergamote amenities:

Here are a few poor quality photos, sorry in advance:

Pretty crazy and surreal to shower in the sky. The bathroom is large enough to change in and there’s a hairdryer stocked there, too, so the shower is a comfortable experience.


After taking a refreshing shower, I enjoyed a cappuccino and did a bit of computer work.

I purchased Internet for the entire flight for $21.95 and found it to be quite fast and very usable! A quick speed test rendered download speeds of ~4.5 Mbps but upload speeds of only 0.17 Mbps, good thing sending emails and browsing the internet mostly relies on the download speed.

The sun was up and the rest of the cabin began to stir:


With just a short time before touchdown, the flight attendants came around to set our tables for the final meal service.

Instead of “breakfast”, we wanted to better adjust to Melbourne time and thus ordered more of a lunch since it was around 4 pm Australia-time after all.

We started with a tray of freshly sliced fruit.

And a Bloody Mary, because “why not?”

We each ordered a soup, the “Spinach and Green Lentil” and “Green Pea and Mint Soup”. The pea soup was fine but we found the lentil to be much better. The “cripsy Arabic bread” that it was topped with was delicious, though.

McCown tried the Chicken Breast with “zucchini, fava bean, and lemon risotto.”

I ordered the Gulf Mix Grill with “Mint tikka, lamb kofta, markook roll, muhamarra with labneh” and it was certainly one of the highlights of the onboard dining.

And the most depressing part of the flight was that we didn’t get to see much of the sun as it was already setting as we made our approach to Melbourne.


Excellent service. I think it can be attributed partly to the fact that there were only a total of 4 people in the entire cabin.

At the press of the button, someone is by your side in just a matter of seconds.

You feel like they are almost just there for you (again, because only 4/9 seats are used on this flight), but nevertheless, very professional, friendly and helpful.

And, just like that, our 14+ hour stay in the First Apartment was over as we deplaned in Melbourne.

BOTTOM LINE: Although a 14+ hour plane ride seems like it would drag on forever, this flight literally passed like lightning – we couldn’t believe we were already in Australia! Flying in the first apartment was one of bucket list items (and really, the main reason why we picked Australia as our destination – to have the longest amount of time on-board) and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

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