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Top 7: Longest domestic US flights

Top 7: Longest domestic US flights

by jeffreyMay 1, 2013

UPDATE Oct 3, 2013: Added HNL-SJU
UPDATE Nov 27, 2013: Added FLL-SEA and ADK-SJU

Ever wonder what’s the longest flight operated within the US? Here’s a list of the top:

Longest non-stop commercial  flight in the contiguous 48 states:

Winner: Miami (MIA) to Seattle (SEA) on American Airlines at 2,724 miles in 6 hours 40 minutes.
Update Nov 28, 2013: Close second is Alaska Airlines’ Ft. Lauderdale-FLL to Seattle-SEA. The 2,717 miles route takes 6 hr 35 mins on a B737 (thanks reader Red Guevarra!)


Runner-up: Boston-BOS to San Francisco-SFO takes appx 6 hours 35 minutes and covers 2,704 miles. United, JetBlue and Virgin America all operate this non-stop route. Update 11/28/13: Updated to include JetBlue and United as flight operators.


Longest would-be flight in the contiguous 48 states:

Winner: Bangor, Maine (BGR) to San Francisco (SFO) for a distance of 2,783 miles.


Runner-up 1: Bellingham, Washington (BLI) to Key West, Florida (EYW) for a distance of 2,764 miles. Unfortunately, if you want to fly this route you’ll need to start chartering your own jets.


Runner-up 2: Presque Isle, Maine (PQI) to San Diego (SAN). Total distance is 2,739 miles. Again, you won’t be finding a commercial carrier offering a non-stop flight on this route.


Alright, now time to throw Hawaii and Alaska in the mix….

Longest non-stop flight operated in all 50 states:

Winner: New York (JFK) to Honolulu (HNL) at 4,983 miles in 11 hours and 40 minutes. Operated by Hawaiian Airlines.


Runner-up: Technically, the runner-up is Newark (EWR) to Honolulu (HNL) operated by United Airlines but, because that’s essentially the same flight markets, we’ll give you the 3rd longest, too. The Atlanta (ATL) to Honolulu (HNL) operated by Delta comes in at 4,502 miles taking 9 hours 35 minutes. Deltalogo


Update Oct 3, 2013: We’ll throw in an honorable mention for a would-be flight from Honolulu-HNL to San Jose, Puerto Rico-SJU. This would be the longest flight by far at 5,889 miles (not including other territories like Guam). Flights of similar distances take appx 11 hours 10 minutes. Check the post on TOP 10 Longest Domestic Flights in the World to see a few that come this close.


Update Nov 28, 2013: Reader Red Guevarra points out that a hypothetical flight between Adak Island, Alaska-ADK and San Juan-SJU would be even longer than HNL-SJU coming in at 6,060 miles. For those who, like me, had never heard of Adak Island airport, it would actually support a flight of that distance. It has two 7,000+ foot long runaways built by the US Navy and can easily support a Boeing 777 jet. More info on Adak Airport-ADK.


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  • Tornado Tom

    You should include the would be flight from HNL to SJU.

  • Tehcnically, the runner-up to SEA-MIA on American is SEA-FLL on Alaska Airlines (2,710 mi) but it’s the same flight market.

  • Also, what is the longest nonstop intra-state (in-state) flight?

    • I think it’s within Alaska (ANC-ADK) on Alaska Airlines at 1,190 mi. No other state even comes close to being THAT wide!

      • Looks like you’re right, and it’s longest by a significant amount. A few others I found were:

        – Anchorage-ANC to Barrow-BRW 725 miles
        – Anchorage-ANC to Dutch Harbor-DUT 795 miles

        I thought California might have a long one but the best I found find is a hypothetical flight from SAN to Crescent City-CEC at 734 miles. The longest actual flights are more like around 500 miles max.

        • John Mike Kavanaugh

          Brownsville – Amarillo almost 700 miles ATCF. Not bad…

  • Harry Chown

    No Anchorage to Miami flight?

  • TX_Proud

    a little further east is St Thomas … also a U S Territory, like SJU. Would add mileage to any route.

  • Flyer222

    I would like to point out that IAD to HNL is longer than ATL to HNL, at 4,802 miles on a UAL 767-400. Great article, though.

  • Andrew

    Why pick just Puerto Rico to include? Guam, the Northern Marianas Islands, & US Virgin Islands all have the same territory status as Puerto Rico. American Samoa is an oddball…it is officially a US territory, but is otherwise practically independent. Guam to US Virgin Islands (GUM-STX) blows the other routes out of the water…9494 miles!!! American Samoa to Presque Isle (PPG-PQI) is 7531 miles. PPG can handle anything (even A380). GUM & STX can handle at least a 747. Nearby airports to these are SPN (Saipan, NMI) and STT (St.Thomas, USVI). Rota (ROP) in the NMI has a small runway. I don’t know what size aircraft it can handle, but doubtful it could handle a large enough plane to reach the Virgin Islands. Other US possessions (like Wake or Midway Island) aren’t as far away from another US possession as GUM-STX.

    The US does have airfields in Antarctica, but Antarctica is not part of any country. Flights to the South Pole and many stations are limited to ski-equipped aircraft and I don’t know what ski-equipped jet (excluding a custom outfitted 777/747/A380) has the longest range. McMurdo is (I think) the only US airfield in Antarctica capable of handling wheeled planes. (Note: Antarctica airfields only have ICAO identifiers.) Obviously the furthest point from the South Pole is the furthest point north…Barrow (far north of AK) to the South Pole skiway (PABR-NZSP) is 11131 miles. Barrow to McMurdow (PABR-NZPG) is 10402 miles. The point on Earth opposite McMurdow is north of Iceland, so I think the furthest airport would be PQI…9841 miles.

  • Red Guevarra

    Delta now flies JFK-HNL as well.

  • Akay Akayemm

    Gr8 bundle of info and interesting too . Can you work out top 5 or 7 or 10 possible flight routes considering private jets (implying international airports only due to runway length) ? Ofcourse with a little bit of effort and time any one can work out the requested info . But that may NOT become public ! :-p

    • williams

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  • Andrew SJC

    I would like to see Canada added into this, having just flown YUL-SFO, for 5:50, I feel like Canada is a worthy addition to these statistics. What is the longest active commercial flight in the North American Continent, excluding Hawaii.

  • Jeremy

    Try Again PPG-BGR.

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  • Luisito

    The HNL-SJU flight incorrectly identified SJU as San Jose, Puerto Rico. This should be San Juan, Puerto Rico, instead.

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  • Derp

    Washington Dulles (IAD) to Honolulu (HNL) is longer than the flight between

    Atlanta and Hawaii. It clocks at 10h 23m and 4,809 miles on United.