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August 4, 2016

Our 71-Hour Trip From Hell During Southwest’s July 2016 “IT Meltdown”

Real quick TL;DR version of this post: Southwest had an IT failure on July 20th causing 2,300+ flights to be canceled over a 4-day period. We were stranded for 3 nights in Chicago with very little answers or help from Southwest and ultimately had to book a 1-way United flight to get home. As a result, we incurred $1,400+ of additional expenses to simply complete our trip home. I’m sharing this story in an effort to reveal how deeply flawed Southwest Airlines can be in the event of hiccups, big or small.

We were involved in the Southwest Meltdown/debacle/giant cluster f*** of July 20th. The technical glitch caused 2,300+ cancellations & thousands of delays [...]

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April 22, 2015

Is Southwest Airlines Getting Ready For Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, And Brazil?

The post you're reading is from our RSS Feed. When we're out there traveling the world, it can be nearly impossible to bring you all of the news from the miles/points/travel industry. To bring you the best content possible, we've linked our personal RSS Feed to the blog so that when a newsworthy article comes out, we'll simply feed it in with the rest of our posts. This way you can be sure you're always getting the best and most current info out there.

Source of content and all credits go to: Points, Miles & Martinis.

NewsAvia, a popular aeronautical information portal written in Portuguese, is reporting that “sources of commercial aviation in Latin America” said [...]

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October 14, 2014

Blitz Deal: Southwest Airlines Dec 2014 – Feb 2015 Fares on Sale From $49

Southwest has just announced its Winter 2014/2015 sale with fares starting at $49 during December 2014 and Jan/Feb 2015.

The Deal

Southwest’s big seasonal 3-day sale, now through Thursday Oct 16, allows booking tiers of many flights at either $49, $99, $129, or $149. The sale allows travel dates between December 3-17, 2014 and January 6 though February 11, 2015 — however, Fridays and Sundays are excluded.

With the exception of San Juan, Puerto Rico-SJU, its international/caribbean destinations are largely excluded from this sale.

How to Get It

Head to this site: Southwest Airlines Winter Sale Click on a city/route pair to [...]
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