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December 29, 2015

Air KBZ Flight # 266 Heho-HEH to Mandalay-MDL

After a relatively early (to our ordinary days in Myanmar) wake up call, we checked out of Inle Resort and began the trek to the airport. We asked the concierge to help us arrange transportation ahead of time but the resort car was unavailable, so they booked us a taxi that actually came out to be a bit cheaper ($30) than the hotel provided ride ($35).

The best part of rising early in Myanmar is that the weather is just about always perfect, even feeling crisp and refreshing at times.

The ride took us back through Nyanungshwe, winding around a few of the small mountains to Heho Airport. The journey lasted about an hour, putting us to Heho by around 8:05 a.m [...]

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December 20, 2015

Inle Resort & Spa: Photo Gallery and Review – Inle Lake, Myanmar

If one word describes Inle Lake as a whole – and, more specifically, Inle Resort & Spa, it’s peaceful. Time stands still as you find yourself captivated by the Inle fisherman on the lake and the morning fog slowly giving way to the mountains. We spent most of our time at Inle Lake relaxing and enjoying the beautiful views. The slower speed was welcome after spending time in the “big city” of Yangon with honking cars and busy people.




Inle Resort & Spa

After about an hour’s drive from the airport, we arrived at Inle Resort & Spa, which is right on the lake’s edge. It’s just off the main [...]

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June 2, 2015

Around Inle Lake, Myanmar: Part 2 – Indein

We loved our first day on the lake so much that we couldn't wait to explore new parts of it on our second day. We ended up with the same boat driver -- we were thrilled to see him again! -- and headed off through the foggy morning air toward Indain / Indein (or, as the signs welcomed us, to "Inn Dain"... tomato, to-mah-to)....
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May 22, 2015

Around Inle Lake, Myanmar: Part 1

We organized a day-long tour of Inle Lake using the only transportation possible: a boat. Although they say you can get a boat tour leaving from Nyaung-shwe for around $20 total, we decided to go on a private boat scheduled by our hotel for about $45 total – this way, we avoided the $20+ taxi ride to Nyaung-shwe AND (hopefully) our hotel bases their reputation and (more importantly) Trip Advisor stars on making sure our boat captain is top notch.

We were ready to go around 7:30am and walked to the end of the hotel dock to meet our captain. As you might have guessed by now, this guy was extra friendly, especially with not knowing a lick of English. Our motor boat was long with [...]

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May 18, 2015

Asian Wings Airways # YJ 881: Bagan-NYU to Heho-HEH, Myanmar

After a great time spent exploring the thousands (literally!) of temples of Bagan, it was time for our first domestic flight within Myanmar. Although the Nyaung U-NYU airport that serves Bagan is only about a 15-20 minute drive (and cost us 6,500 MMK in a taxi, ~$6.40 US)...
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May 11, 2015

Let’s Go: Inle Lake

Inle Lake isn’t just a lake, it’s a way of life that’s other-worldly, even when compared to other lesser-known parts of Myanmar. Its beauty is seen in glimmers of the 70,000 Intha farmers and their way of life, from paddling with one leg to living above the water in wooden + bamboo houses on stilts (with TVs in every window!).





An Intha fisherman on Inle Lake with his huge net

Myanmar is a country full of surprises to any traveler, but Inle Lake has the most surprises of all.

We saved Inle Lake for last on our Myanmar itinerary because we had such high hopes. It seems [...]

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