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The US GRANT – San Diego, California

The US GRANT – San Diego, California

by jeffreyApril 30, 2013

The US GRANT Hotel – Starwood Category 5
326 Broadway, San Diego, California 92101
Award Redemption: 12,000 or 6,000 pts + $110
Normal rate: appx $199 avg, ranging from $131 – $314
Starpoints return: from 1.1 cents/point to 3.4 cents/point – at the best level its just about average so you’ll probably want to skip using Starpoints

The U.S. Grant is a little bit famous: it has hosted 12+ US Presidents over its 100 year history and is definitely one of more historic hotels in downtown.

Room: As it is part of Starwood’s “Luxury Collection” they have absolutely tried to give it the feel of a luxurious hotel. All the rooms and hallways have very dark carpet with light, creme colored walls. They mix that with crown molding, and lots of dark browns and dark blues to try and give it that sleek, luxurious feel. Be weary of the few rooms that have a terrible view, like mine. Don’t be afraid to ask for a switch.

Hotel Lobby/Common Areas: Huge lobby with very tall ceilings and enough shiny chandeliers to terribly distract any boy (and grown ass man)

Location: The location is great, while not on the water like some hotels you’re in a great spot to hit any and all of downtown San Diego.

BOTTOM LINE: Pretty cool hotel with some actual history that you can earn Starpoints while staying it. And, given its reasonable price, you might as well stay here rather than a generic Sheraton, Westin or W Hotel. Just make sure to request a room without a horrible view.










Awesome view overlooking the hotel, should have switched rooms…


If you’re stuck in one of these guys, like me: SWITCH ROOMS!


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