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Hyatt Diamond Status Challenge

Hyatt Diamond Status Challenge

by jeffreyJune 6, 2013

What’s a status challenge?

Having just earned my Starwood Platinum status for the first time, I was curious to see which (if any) programs would match my status. I learned from this thread on Flyertalk that Hyatt will give you a status “challenge” and match you to Hyatt Diamond status if you can prove that you are:

  • Marriott Gold/Platinum
  • Starwood Platinum
  • Hilton HHonors Gold/Platinum
  • Priority Club Rewards Platinum Elite

UPDATE Oct 3, 2013 Note:  As reader PrateekJain2012 points out, you must have at least one stay with your current chain in the past 12 months of be accepted into the challenge. For example, if you earned Hilton Gold status solely from the credit card you’ll have to complete at least 1 stay before Hyatt will match. Same goes for Marriott or Starwood–it’s possible to have earned Starwood Platinum in February 2013, giving you status until Feb 2015 so if you apply for Hyatt in March 2014 without having stayed at a Starwood in the past 12 months you won’t be considered.

Notice, this is a “status challenge” and not a “status match,” meaning that they will give you the status upgrade immediately, but you’ll have to prove your worthiness by staying nights within a certain number of days and therefore complete the “challenge.” Hyatt sets the following terms and conditions for their challenge:

  • Stay 12 nights within 60 days
  • Gives you immediate Diamond status good for 60 days
  • If challenge is completed successfully, Diamond status is extended for reminder of current calendar year + next calendar year (if you start after June 1)

What’s Hyatt Diamond membership worth anyway? This is the program’s top tier status, and the highlights are:

  • Free upgrade to best available room (Per stay value:  maybe between $30-$500?)
  • 30% bonus on points 
  • Free access to Regency Club/Grand Club + free continental breakfast (Per stay:  appx $25 value)
  • 1,000 point Diamond amenity at every check-in (Per stay:  appx $20 value)
  • Free internet (Per stay: appx $10.95 value)
  • 4 pm late checkout
  • 4 free suite upgrades/year (Annual value: Appx $100-$14,000)

How to initiate a Hyatt status challenge

Start by simply sending an email to with you name, Hyatt Gold Passport # and a screenshot from the competing program proving that you’re eligible for the offer.

Email 1: Tuesday at 11:35am — My request to Hyatt

I just got off the phone with a Gold Passport customer service rep who has recommended a Diamond Status Challenge/Match which I would like to request.

Name on account: JEFFREY xxxxxxxx

The program I am matching to is Starwood Preferred Guest where I have Platinum status and have accumulated 38 nights so far in 2013, screenshots below:
Please let me know if you require any additional information. Also, could you kindly explain the rules of the challenge again as I had a difficult time understanding on the phone.
Email 2: Tuesday at 7:49pm — Hyatt Response

Dear Mr. xx,

Thank you for contacting Hyatt Gold Passport.

Regarding your inquiry, currently a Diamond Trial Offer is available. You will receive trial Diamond membership for 60 days with proof of top tier status with one of our competitor programs. However, you must complete 12 nights in 60 days to maintain Diamond membership through February of 2015. You will also receive 1,000 bonus points on your first six eligible nights within 60 days, up to a maximum of 6,000 bonus points. Please be aware that the earning period for the promotion begins at the time of enrollment.

Thank you for including the screenshot of your Starwood status. Your Platinum membership qualifies you for the Diamond Trial Offer. Please advise if the conditions are acceptable to you and we will be happy to proceed with your enrollment.

To find more details on our exclusive Diamond membership, please visit us online at:

I appreciate your support of Hyatt and the Gold Passport program. Please let me know if I may assist you further.

Best Regards,

Hyatt Gold Passport Representative
Global Contact Centre

Email 3: Tuesday at 7:58pm

Thank you for your response. I accept the conditions and would like to begin the trial Diamond membership.

Email 4: Wednesday at 10:59am
Dear Mr. xx,

Thank you for contacting Gold Passport Customer Service. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

I am happy to write that I have enrolled you into our Diamond Trial Offer. Please allow 24 hours for before your account will reflect at our top tier on-line and in all of our systems. You will receive trial Diamond membership for 60 days. However, you must complete 12 nights in 60 days to maintain Diamond membership through February of 2015. You will also receive 1000 bonus points on your first six eligible nights within 60 days, up to a maximum of 6000 bonus points.

Please let me know if I may assist you further. I do hope that you enjoy your stays with Hyatt Hotels!

Best Regards,

Hyatt Gold Passport Representative
Global Contact Centre

Wednesday at 3:35pm — Checked Hyatt app and found that Diamond status had been applied–booked first stay for later that night

Wednesday at 8:21pm — Checked into Grand Hyatt Buckhead, was thanked for being a Diamond member and upgraded to “Luxury Suite” (best room offered: 1,240 sq ft, 1.5 bath, huge living room etc, kitchen etc…)

Living room

Living room

July 19: I completed my 12 stays but the system did not yet show my extended Diamond Status (until Feb 2015). I sent a quick email to Hyatt to confirm completion:


I am writing to confirm that I have completed the Diamond Challenge. My records indicate that I have stayed 13 eligible nights since enrollment.
Can you please confirm?


Thank you for contacting Hyatt Gold Passport; I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

I am pleased to inform you that you have successfully completed the Diamond Trail and I am happy to announce now that are upgraded to Diamond level till Saturday, 28 February 2015.

Please feel free to contact our office if we can be of any further assistance. Thank you for your support to Hyatt Gold Passport.

Best Regards,

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 9.05.56 AM.png

July 29: Welcome kit postmarked, received a few days later:

photo 3 (1)


photo 1 (1)


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  • JP

    Thanks for the article. It’s now 8/19/13 and I was wondering if you knew if the challenge is still active with Hyatt? Have they sent perimeters from one date to another date before discontinuing it? I have done a ton of digging but don’t see anything that specifically says it’s active today. If you know of anything, please let me know. Thanks – jp

    • Craptacular9

      JP – I emailed Hyatt last week, and received the same response. I’m pretty sure it’s an ongoing program.

    • @disqus_jpPWAzzbh3:disqus just double checked with Hyatt Gold Passport and they’re confirming that it’s still active as of today–they’ve been doing this for years so I’d imagine it’d be a pretty big deal if they discontinued it.

  • Craptacular9


    Great detail. I’ve been waiting to sign up for this until some upcoming stays, so the email exchange regarding the time was perfect.

    JP – I emailed Hyatt last week, and received the same response. I’m pretty sure it’s an ongoing program.

  • Mr. Cool

    question plz…..
    i attained rezidor gold status by simply opening the USB club carlson card….can i use this gold status to status-mach to ANY other program??

    • @disqus_oeumnVMMtW:disqus I’m not familiar with the Rezidor program…is it the same as Club Carlson? If so, a few things to consider:

      – As @PrateekJain2012:disqus points out above, if you obtained status with a credit card you’ll have to have at least one stay in the past 12 months to match to Hyatt

      – From my research it looks like Club Carlson Gold can match to:
      Le Club Accorhotels Platinum
      Starwood Preferred Guest Platinum
      Marriott Rewards Platinum Elite
      Hilton HHonors Gold
      IHG Rewards Club Platinum Elite
      Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond

      • Mr. Cool

        very interesting! thanks!
        this “1 stay in the past 12 months” can be a reward stay??

        • Generally, no, it must be a paid stay but it really depends on the program you’re matching from. For example, Starwood is one of the few programs that gives you elite credit for award stays so this would work but Hyatt, IHG, Marriott etc… all require a paid stay to give you credit.

  • PrateekJain2012

    Checked with Hyatt, challenge is always open. However, one important piece of information MISSING here is that you need at least one nights stay at the competitor hotel chain in last 12 months, to be able to enroll in the challenge. So for e.g. if you have Hilton Gold status from their credit card, you would still need to credit one stay in the account before being able to participate in the Hyatt Diamond challenge! I didn’t know this and booked 12 nights in next 2 months only to find out at the last moment that they can’t enroll me.

    • @PrateekJain2012:disqus thanks for pointing that out! Very useful info for some, I have updated the post above to warn others about this.