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McCown’s Weekend Pick: Wanderlust

McCown’s Weekend Pick: Wanderlust

by mccownMay 31, 2013

This weekend, I’m helping to host a fun engagement party for one of my very best friends!  It’s going to be so much fun getting together with a lot of our college friends, and getting to see Becca (the bride!) is always the best!

But, staying in town means that we’re not going on a fun trip. So, for weekends like these, when time is spent relaxing with friends and not traipsing around the world, it’s fun to have reminders of travel all around.

That’s why my weekend pick this weekend is goods from Rifle Paper Company, one of the best paper product lines that I’ve found.

I have their 2013 Cities Calendar hanging at my desk and love looking at the hand-drawn illustrations each month. It’s always fun when I’ve visited a city before and I can day-dream about each of the places on the map. And, bonus, guess what city April featured?! Paris! So it was extra-super fun daydreaming about our time in Paris from just the month before where we got engaged!

Here’s a peak at the 2013 calendar (currently sold out) – can’t wait to see what they offer for 2014!




And, if you just can’t wait til 2014 to get your very own calendar, check out this great stationary that will make you want to write your thank you notes right on time.

Global Social Stationery Set, $22.50

Global Social Stationery Set, $22.50

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