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McCown’s Weekend Pick: Suitcases

McCown’s Weekend Pick: Suitcases

by mccownFebruary 17, 2013

Before you can actually board the plane, you have to have a suitable suitcase.

Trust me, it’s miserable lugging around a much-too-heavy shoulder bag. And pretty frightening when you’re boarding a train at the very last second and you just can’t get that rolling bag to fit up those steps!

After traveling a lot, I’ve learned a thing or two about the right bag for traveling. From a one-nighter trip to studying for a semester in Italy, I’ve been there, packed that.

For short trips, I recommend something you can throw over your shoulder — something that’s not so bulky and, most importantly, something you can take as a carry-on. The very worst thing about traveling, I think, is waiting at baggage claim when you’re just itching to either a) explore a new city or b) crash a.s.a.p. into your fluffy hotel bed to catch up on sleep. Lesson learned: always carry on when it’s the least bit possible.

Enter these weekender bags. They’re all a great size and very fashionable. You can pack for days in each of these, they’re not heavy to lug around & you can pitch one up into an overhead bin and jet out of that airport to grab the first cab in line.

Here are some suggestions that fit every budget:

For long trips, nothing is better than a rolling bag. They’ve got a lot more room than duffles, and, with all that extra weight that comes with a longer trip, you won’t have to carry it all around (even if it doesn’t feel heavy at first, even my purse feels heavy when I have to carry it for long).

Try these standard rolling bag. And, here’s a tip: Don’t purchase it in black! Or gray. Find a bright (almost-but-not-quite) obnoxious color so you can recognize it immediately in baggage claim. Last time I traveled, I was super jealous of a terrible lime green bag. But hey, the girl was out of there before I ever eyed my black bag.

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