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How-to: Match Hyatt status to MGM M life status

How-to: Match Hyatt status to MGM M life status

by jeffreySeptember 3, 2013

The Deal

Back in June, Hyatt and MGM announced a partnership that extends reciprocal benefits to the members of each other’s loyalty programs. In practice, this means that Hyatt Gold Passport Members will earn Hyatt points in addition to M life points aka “tier credits” when staying at any of the 12 MGM properties in Las Vegas. Similarly, MGM M life members will be able to earn M “tier credits” when staying at any Hyatt property worldwide.

How to Qualify for M life/Hyatt Gold Passport Status

  • Hyatt Member <–> M life Sapphire
  • Hyatt Platinum <–> M life Gold
  • Hyatt Diamond <–> M life Platinum


[toggle title=”Creating a MGM M life account, step-by-step:”]

  1. Head to –> “Join Now”
    Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 11.25.02 PM.png
  2. Enter email –> “Submit”
    Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 10.55.36 PM
  3. Enter full details to create account –> “Submit”
    Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 10.56.13 PM
  4. Look for activation email –> Enter code –> Submit
    Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 11.01.20 PM
  5. All done, account is ready![/toggle]

How to Get It

  1. Hyatt Gold Passport Members should click here to opt-in: MGM M life status match
  2. You’ll be prompted to login to your Hyatt account
    Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 10.52.49 PM
  3. From here, you will either need to login with your M life account, or create an account (see above)
    Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 10.53.26 PM
  4. Success! After signing into M life, your new status should pop up. Right after logging in through the “opt-in link,” my account started showing  my new Platinum status!
    Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 11.02.05 PM
  5. Start enjoying your new benefits! Including:

Don’t forget: 

  • You can redeem Hyatt Gold Passport points at M Life hotels and resorts in Las Vegas.
  • Your new reciprocal status is available immediately upon registering
  • When you check-in to Hyatt, you can opt to earn either HGP points or M Life points.

BOTTOM LINE: GREAT NEWS. This new relationship should be extremely valuable for Hyatt elites (will now be considered for room upgrades in Vegas) and even more valuable for MGM M Life elites (who will now enjoy the benefits of being elite at all Hyatt properties worldwide).

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