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Tuesday’s Top 5: Thanksgiving Edition

Tuesday’s Top 5: Thanksgiving Edition

by mccownNovember 25, 2014

I can not believe it is Thanksgiving Week already! I’m extra thankful for a short work week and that Jeffrey and I are lucky enough to spend time celebrating with both of our families this year. Jumping ahead of myself, I’ve found a handful of fun things to dive into once the holiday commences – here are a few travel-themed links I wanted to share. Let’s get in the Thanksgiving spirit – whether that’s booking crazy-awesome hotel deals on Black Friday or snuggling in and watching an entire season of An Idiot Abroad with the entire family.

1) Although Thanksgiving is thought to be a purely American holiday, I found this fascinating website detailing how other countries around the world celebrate the harvest holiday. For example, did you know that, in India, Thanksgiving is widely known as ‘Ladin’ or ‘Ladainha’ and is typically celebrated by Christians in the Goa region. Check it out! (

2) The perfect holiday shopping guide with something for everyone, especially the traveler. A Mexican Cookbook? Yes, please! (

3) Did you know that Black Friday and (especially) Cyber Monday deals carry over into travel booking? It’s not the first thing you think of, but there are plenty deals to be found — including $7 rooms all over the US on Hotel Tonight AND a whopping 55% off the majority of 2015 at Turtle Beach in Barbados. Perfect treat for finishing all your Christmas shopping early? I think so. ( AND

4) The best way to snag great Cyber Monday deals is to avoid exhausting Thanksgiving travel woes. Here’s some tips from the folks at Travel Channel on how to simplify your Thanksgiving travel plans AKA the busiest travel week of the year. (

5) After your big Thanksgiving meal is the perfect time to snuggle up with your family and dive into Netflix. One of our favorites lately has been Ricky Gervais’ 2010-2011 An Idiot Abroad series. If you’re a big fan of travel, I think you’ll find it extra-funny. And who doesn’t love dry British wit? (

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