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How to Pack for Two Weeks in Southeast Asia

How to Pack for Two Weeks in Southeast Asia

by mccownNovember 19, 2014

Help! You’re planning the trip of a lifetime to Southeast Asia but are completely stuck and don’t know what to where. It can be a bit intimidating: there’s a dress code for visiting temples (no bare shoulders or knees) but the humidity is absolutely gut-wrenching. So, there’s that.

On our trip to Thailand (my first foray into Southeast Asia), I packed adhering to the pretty strict temple dress code. I was quickly shocked to find out that a) yikes, even cotton pants don’t breathe like they should! and b) every other woman tourist there had not seemed to pack according to the dress code at all! And, what’s more, outside of each temple where they ask you not to have bare shoulders and knees is a cute little stand selling sarongs for less than $3!

So, my packing guide doesn’t always follow the dress code (because you just can’t get adjusted to the sticky hot, even if you call Charleston, SC home), but there’s a few sleeved options in case you just want to play it safe. Also, keep in mind that it’ll be cold in some airports/hotels/nights, so it’s always a safe bet to pack a variety of options.

Without further ado, here’s a suggested packing list (and options) for a two week trip to Southeast Asia. Using these ideas, you can hike up a mountain…

I did wearing clothes like this:

... My fear of heights just didn't really love the million steps up.

… My fear of heights just didn’t really love the million steps up.

… but I wouldn’t advise days-long trekking. If you’re more interested in that type of trip, you’ve found the wrong packing guide.

Suggested Packing List:
2 Shorts
1-2 Maxi Skirts
1 Pants (or leggings)
1 Long-Sleeved Shirt
5-6 Sundresses (casual)
4 Short-Sleeved Shirts
1 (lightweight) Raincoat
2 Bathing Suits

2 Workout Shorts
3 Workout Shirts

1 Pajamas

1 (lightweight) fleece

3 Bras
1 Sports Bra
5 Panties
3 Socks

1 Tennis shoes (can also be used for short hikes, etc.)
1 Flip Flops (can be used in questionable showers, beach trips, etc.)
1 Flats (make sure they are very comfortable for walking long distances!)
1 Wedge (optional; if you have extra room, a fun shoe can quickly dress you up for a fun night out)

1 Carryon purse (can also carry laptop, etc.)

Toiletries (make up, face wash, shampoo if you need a certain brand…)
Travel hairdryer (it’s a must for me; maybe you can skip it!)

Click through the gallery below for specific ideas on what to throw into your suitcase!

Southeast Asia for Two Weeks


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Free People bra

H M black legging
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NIKE activewear shorts

MANGO white shorts
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NIKE activewear top
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