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Delta Awards Map – Economy

Delta Awards Map – Economy

by jeffreyApril 25, 2013

I’ve prepared a handy map to see where in the world “X” number of Delta Skymiles will take you. This should help a lot in visualizing where in the world you can travel to with those miles you’ve been saving up over the years. You’ll find a few sweet spots that might help you save a few thousand Skymiles here or there, too, such as:

  • North America to Guyana is 35k miles, however, to travel to neighboring Suriname or Brazil will cost you 45k or 60k — so maybe explore the possibility of booking award travel to Guyana and then purchasing a cheap ticket to your final destination
  • North America to Istanbul can be had for 60k Skymiles and might be a cheap jumping off point to explore Egypt or India, thereby saving you 20k Skymiles

amMap example

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