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Our Month by the Numbers

Our Month by the Numbers

by mccownApril 7, 2015

Today marks one entire month since Jeffrey and I went wheels up in Charleston and headed off on our adventure.

We are really loving our time in Southeast Asia and are trying to pack 29 hours into each day (so far, so good). We’re currently enjoying a slower pace for a few days at the Hyatt resort in Da Nang, Vietnam, where we’re bronzing in the sunshine and digging our toes in the white sand before diving into Big City Life again.


Here’s a look back at our first month by the numbers…

In the past 31 days, we’ve traveled to…

2 continents

5 countries (USA, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand + Vietnam)

9 cities (Chicago, Tokyo, Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) + Da Nang)

We’ve traveled approximately 12,091 miles: 

world map
zoomed in a bit to show our stops in Asia

zoomed in a bit to show our stops in Asia

Using lots of different modes of transportation:

7 planes (CHS –> MDW, ORD –> NRT, NRT –> RGN, NYU –> HEH, HEH –> MDL, MDL –> BKK, BKK –> SGN)

2 overnight trains (Yangon –> Mandalay, Ho Chi Minh City –> Da Nang)

1 non-overnight train (the Circle Train in Yangon)

1 ferry (Mandalay –> Bagan)

2 boats (exploring Inle Lake)

5-ish skytrains/metro (Bangkok)

2 tour buses (Cu Chi Tunnels + Mekong Delta near Ho Chi Minh City)

3 motorbikes


a handful of cabs

approximately 230 miles of walking! (according to FitBit)


We’ve slept in:

10 hotels

2 overnight train cabins (for one of those nights, we shared a small cabin with a 64-year-old Vietnamese man and his elderly mother)


We’ve eaten:

at countless street stalls

curries (red, green + massaman are our faves!)

glasses + glasses of fresh watermelon juice

lots of sketchy meat skewers + vegetable skewers

balut (baby duck embryo!!!!)



grilled goat breast

scorpion + snake wine (yikes!)

fried frog


bahn mi sandwiches

bun bo hue (a delicious beef + lemongrass soup with rice vermicelli)

gallons of fish sauce

enough RICE + NOODLES for a lifetime

we’ve found out that we both can’t stand a fruit called DURIAN (literally, our least fave.)


We’ve seen some pretty incredible things:

5 or 6 ox-drawn carts working in the fields

1 cow (in the road, doing its own thing)

1 long-necked woman

27+ metric tons of gold (pagodas on top of pagodas)


about 400 – 500 monks

0 snakes in the wild

1 python in a cage

1 snake dead in a bottle (in that scorpion snake wine)



1 motorcycle/car accident (in Saigon)

1 car-on-car accident … of which we were passengers (in Yangon)

0 raindrops (LITERALLY ZERO — I’m not even convinced rain still exists anymore)

dozens of rubber trees

making fresh rubber

making fresh rubber

200 meters of underground tunnel (before we RAN for fresh air — not our thing)

seas (or appx. 5 million+) motorbikes

Yes...seas of them.

Yes…seas of them.

the most Australians I’ve ever seen in one place (disclaimer: we haven’t visited Australia yet)

1 museum (the War Remnants Museum in Saigon)

2 airplane vomit bags used… by Jeffrey (double YIKES. Thanks for nothing, Mandalay Airport food.)


What a month!!


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