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Our first appearance in a real-life magazine!

Our first appearance in a real-life magazine!

by mccownFebruary 27, 2014

We were contacted by an editor at Inside Flyer wanting to feature our Delta award trip to France & Italy this past spring in the monthly magazine. First thought: Yipee!

This magazine claims to be “required reading for frequent flyers,” helping its readers to optimize redemption & accumulation of miles.  Each month, it alerts its readers to airline, hotel, car rental & credit card bonuses, as well as providing Best Bets on best mileage promotions…

IMHO (I’ve learned from my geeky husband that this means “in my humble opinion” in internet-talk), this magazine is the perfect fit for a feature from Weekend Blitz. And, how exciting to be featured in our very first magazine article!I feel like a real celebrity. Check it out…

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