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One Flew South – Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

One Flew South – Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

by jeffreyFebruary 11, 2013

Terminal E, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport
Sushi, Asian

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One Flew South has made a name for itself and it’s not often airport food is held in such high regard. Yet it routinely tops lists as one of the best airport restaurants in the world, and its fitting that it calls Atlanta Hartsfield home–the world’s busiest airport. Here you’ll find a slightly calmer pace, and generally plenty of room to spread out. The impeccable service and sleek modern decor exude a touch of class in such busy place.
Located in ATL’s E-Terminal, you’ll likely have to go out of your way to dine here, but we’d argue it’s worth it. Many patrons have even gone so far as to say this One Flew South is worth going out of your way to connect in Atlanta–now that’s a dedicated fan base.



The sleek Asian decor is bright and open feeling with light-toned wood surrounding you on all sides.

I know what you’re thinking: Sushi in an airport?! I’m guaranteed to miss my flight now. But this place is fast. My [highlight color=”grey/color”]SEAWEED SALAD ($8)[/highlight] was up within 5 minutes. This is a pretty standard but tasty dish. The crisp, chilled seaweed is soaked in a sort of sesame oil dressing–not too dense or salty–making for a very refreshing starter. It is topped with carrots and a soy egg–a hard boiled egg cooked in soy sauce and sugar.


By the time I finished the salad, the sushi was on its way to the table (within 15 mins of ordering, so no need to worry about that flight). Featuring tuna, salmon and hamachi and then topped with spicy mayonnaise, white seaweed and bourbon eel sauce, the [highlight color=”grey/color”]KAMIKAZE ($14)[/highlight]  is both interestingly named and delicious. I mean, “Kamikaze” (per Wikipedia) literally refers to: “suicide attacks by military aviators from the Empire of Japan against Allied vessels.” Like I said, interesting name for an airport restaurant. Politics/political correctness aside, the sushi is good. Only complaint is that, despite having 8 pieces, the roll was a little small for $14–it would hardly be filling by itself.


BOTTOM LINE: Looking for a calm oasis amidst the world’s busiest airport? One Flew South is your place. The excellent food, upbeat atmosphere and stellar service doesn’t hurt either. Turns out you can in fact get a quick sushi meal.
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