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May 20, 2015

What to Pack for Myanmar – A Girl’s Guide

Before we left for our 15 day trip to Myanmar, I scoured the internet looking for tips and tricks on what to pack. It’s a bit very, very befuddling because the climate is mighty tropical (think 104° most days we were there…YIKES!!!) but the Burmese are extra-super-duper-conservative, so, if you walk around in what I would consider normal attire for 104° (a bathing suit?!??! at least something close to it…), you will get stares All. Day. Long. and just feel pretty uncomfortable.

So, how can you respect the conservative culture while avoiding the misery of jeans + other knee-and-shoulder-covering clothing? How can you stay cool without looking like you’re walking around [...]

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October 10, 2014

Best Waterproof Flats For Travel

One day on our honeymoon, we were caught in the rain for hours. No big deal, but, the very next morning, we had to board an international flight. Put two and two together and… my favorite flats never made it home.

I realized that travel shoes were important — especially ones that could get wet. And, with the beginning of the fall season, I’ve been on the market for a good pair of waterproof flats. Ideally, they’ll look like normal flats — but just won’t get ruined if I get caught in the rain.

I’ve found two pairs that fit the bill, both with good reviews. I’d wear both of these flats in rain or shine, so they’re easy [...]

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August 16, 2013

How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

Everyone loves a weekend getaway, but, when Thursday comes, I usually find myself a bit… shall we say, perplexed… over what to pack. I’m just staring into my closet thinking the ideas will come to me if I stare long enough.

The trickiest part about packing is where you’re headed. Does the weather match your hometown? If not, you may need to pull out your off-season stored clothes. What activities do you plan to do? If you’re planning a wide variety of activities – from shopping, to climbing a mountain, you’ll have to remember to pack accordingly.

While it’s all very elementary stuff, it can still be hard to squeeze [...]

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