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July 30, 2013

Spirit Airlines Review – NK #126 Myrtle Beach-Boston


Ahh yes, Spirit Air:  the self-proclaimed “America’s Only ULCC-Ultra Low Cost Carrier.” The champions of nickel-and-diming, Spirit charges the customer only for what he uses. If you want to carry on a bag, you’re welcomed to for a fee, but they don’t add it to the ticket cost because they don’t charge those who don’t want the service. No matter what your opinion is on the big change in the airline industry, you can’t deny that Spirit Air has some damn cheap fares on their routes.

I don’t necessarily expect the same level of service on a $40 flight as I do on the $8,000 trans-Atlantic First Class ticket, but we all expect a minimum level of service [...]

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July 10, 2013

How To Do Myrtle Beach Like a Native Part 1

Welcome to Myrtle Beach, the pride and joy of SC. McCown and I recently found ourselves in the, err…colorful ocean town and realized that many people from outside of the area might not understand just what “The Dirty Myrtle” is all about. The best analogy I can muster up for Myrtle Beach is this one: Charleston is to Myrtle Beach as filet mignon is to Vienna sausages. We’ve compiled a beginner’s guide to Myrtle Beach for your reading pleasure:

Step 1: Blending in

Luckily, you’ll find it quite cheap to assimilate to Myrtle Beach fashion. Others from Ohio or West Virginia might find it downright easy. Much of your wardrobe will overlap. [...]

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