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New Delta Business Class Award Maps Post-Devaluation

New Delta Business Class Award Maps Post-Devaluation

by jeffreyAugust 22, 2013

Delta announced some pretty bad news last week–they’ve upped their Business Elite/First Class awards to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East by as much as 25%. The new prices go into effect June 1, 2014. Here are the changes:

OldNewIncrease% Inc
To Hawaii75,00075,00000.0%
To Caribbean60,00060,00000.0%
To Mexico60,00060,00000.0%
To Central America60,00060,00000.0%
To Northern South America90,00090,00000.0%
To Southern South America100,000125,00025,00025%
To Europe100,000125,00025,00025%
To Africa¹120,000140,00020,00016.7%
To Middle East120,000140,00020,00016.7%
To South Asian Subcontinent120,000120,00000.0%
To Northern Asia120,000140,00020,00016.7%
To Southeast Asia120,000140,00020,00016.7%
To Southwest Pacific150,000160,00010,0006.7%
To South Africa140,000160,00020,00014.3%

Old Delta Business/First Award Ticket (pre-June 1, 2014)

New Delta Business/First Award Ticket (after June 1, 2014)

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