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McCown’s Weekend Pick: Black Pants

McCown’s Weekend Pick: Black Pants

by mccownFebruary 22, 2013

So many people think that denim is the best choice for travel — it goes with everything and you can wear the same jeans every day and no one notices. Wrong-o. I hate wearing jeans on a plane. It’s hard to move and not very forgiving in those teeny tiny seats (if you happen to be in Coach). Who is with me?

While jeans are nice – and usually a good choice – there’s something even better: black pants. Black pants are easy: they really do go with anything (yes, even brown) AND can be dressed up or dressed down as needed. And, bonus – they don’t get dirty easily.

My black pants double as leggings, so I wear them with: oversized sweaters, T-shirts, blouses – you name it. As for shoes: flats, boots, heels… really, anything goes!

Whether you’re sight-seeing all over town or hitting a restaurant downtown with an impromptu stop afterwards for some drinks, you’ll be dressed appropriately for any scenario and ready to go! (Can you say the same if you’re wearing jeans?)

My go-to black pants are “The Chelsea” in the black ponte by Joe’s Jeans:

"The Chelsea" by Joe's Jeans

“The Chelsea” by Joe’s Jeans


I found them at Saks, but here they are, available for purchase, at

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