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How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

by mccownAugust 16, 2013

Everyone loves a weekend getaway, but, when Thursday comes, I usually find myself a bit… shall we say, perplexed… over what to pack. I’m just staring into my closet thinking the ideas will come to me if I stare long enough.

The trickiest part about packing is where you’re headed. Does the weather match your hometown? If not, you may need to pull out your off-season stored clothes. What activities do you plan to do? If you’re planning a wide variety of activities – from shopping, to climbing a mountain, you’ll have to remember to pack accordingly.

While it’s all very elementary stuff, it can still be hard to squeeze everything you might need into one little weekend bag.

So, here’s how to start:


First things first, pack for the weather. It took me several trips to a very cold city to finally remember to pack my winter coat! Be sure to check the weather for where you’re headed (preferably for the week leading up to your trip) to make sure you have a good idea of what to expect. When you’ve figured out the season, you’re off to a good start.


Will you be walking around the city mostly? Does it have hills? Is there a famous mountain or sight-seeing cliff, maybe, that you’ll be climbing to the top? Hope you’ve come prepared. Coming from a girl who climbed a mountain in Montreal in Jack Rogers, the shoes are the most important part of your packing plan. Don’t forget your flats! And, head here for my thoughts on gel inserts. Just make sure you’re prepared for everything you could end up doing, because the VERY last thing you should ever do is not go on an adventure because you didn’t pack appropriately.


Everyone’s closet is different, with different “basics,” (Need a place to start with basics? Read this.) but we all have things we can mix and match. Packing the classics to me means packing foundation items – cute shirts you can wear under a scarf or big necklace, neutral bottoms (jeans, white shorts, jorts…), and the list goes on. Make sure you have enough classics to cover your time, and voila, the hard work is finished!


Eating out somewhere special? Maybe spending a night or two out on the town? Pack for it! Here’s what I think:  you’ll be taking more pictures than normal, so pack accordingly! No one likes to look at pictures of themselves wearing old, boring clothes. So, I say, pack your most fun things. And, here’s a secret… even if it’s too fancy or extravagant for a night out on the town in your hometown, you’re on vacation now. Pack those sequins, girl!


For a weekend getaway, I’d say this is what you should shoot for:

  • – 2 fancy-schmancy outfits for Friday and Saturday nights (don’t forget the fancy shoes!)
  • – 1 pair of pants (or shorts, depending on the climate)
  • – 3 shirts (these little suckers roll up really, really tiny, so throw in an extra in case you change your mind!)
  • – 1 maxi skirt for the day
  • – 1 comfy dress for your flight or drive home on Sunday
  • – pajamas!

And, in case your brain doesn’t work like that, here’s how mine works:

  •  Arrive in destination on Friday afternoon. What am I wearing? Plan to wear comfy travel clothes and shoes. And, remember:  airports and planes are usually frigid.

Like what you see? Here's where to buy these items:

  • Change of clothes for Friday night. Probably going out to dinner… and you’ll want to feel great on vacation. So, pack something fancy… and great shoes!
Like what you see here? Here's where to buy it:

Like what you see here? Here’s where to buy it:

  •  Saturday morning… you’re probably off on an adventure! Whether you’re just walking for miles and miles around the city or climbing a hill, you’ll want to be comfortable. This means boots for winter and flats for summer (no flip flops!).
  •  Saturday night: Probably a little fancier than earlier in the day. Why not dress up two nights in a row?
  • And, for Sunday, whether you’re exploring a little more or starting the trip back home, you’ll want to be comfortable — but still cute — so, why not a maxi skirt? Easy to travel in and looks way more stylish than it feels…

And, never, I mean never, leave home without a bikini.

My favorite bikinis of the moment… Someone give me $240+ to spend on a bathing suit…please!!!

And, finally, once you’ve thrown in a few bras and underwear, some jewelry (remember what outfits you’re packing) and your toiletries, you’re ready to jet. Literally.

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